Members of the Review Team


In order to carry out the Consumer & Competition Framework Review, the Department of Treasury has engaged a panel of experts in competition law and policy. The Review Team will be consulting with individuals and organisations, gathering information and comments, developing recommendations and reporting their findings to Treasury. 

Dr. Andrew Simpson is chairing the Consumer & Competition Framework Review. Andrew has worked in competition law and policy for twenty years, including in senior roles with a competition agency, and regulated businesses. 

Prof. Brent Fisse is a competition law and policy specialist based in Sydney. Brent is the author of numerous publications including Australian Cartel Regulation (2011) (with C. Beaton Wells) and has advised corporations and governments in this field over the past twenty years.

Dr. Rhonda Smith is a Senior Fellow at the University of Melbourne, and former member of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. Dr. Smith has extensive experience in the economics of competition and consumer protection.

Dr. Vij Nagarajan is an Associate Professor at Macquarie University Law School, in Sydney. Dr Nagarajan is a competition lawyer and expert in gender and the economic empowerment of women.


Warwick Davis is a competition and regulatory economist based in Sydney, with Frontier Economics. Warwick previously worked with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and Ofcom in the UK.